© Bevan Collingwood 2014 on behalf of the Australian Voice membership
The Eureka Flag has come to mean many things to many different people.  The Eureka Badge, above left, based on that famous flag, is not a "union logo" as some have supposed but was designed by our National Secretary to represent the motivations behind the establishment of the Australian Voice Party and to symbolise the freedoms we have under Magna Carta 1215 and our National Constitution.  READ MORE HERE and HERE
No more cruel budgets which take from the poor and spare the rich
No more perks and pensions for politicians after they leave office
No more shifting the electoral goal posts to suit the two major Parties and the Greens
No more puppet Governments working for Big Business or Big Unions, instead of for us, the people
No more selling our public assets to make government mates rich at our expense as prices for water, electricity, public transport, etc, keep rising beyond the CPI